Exercise for arms

exercise for arms
exercise for arms
exercise for arms

Many of us complain about our batwings or jiggly arms but there is an solution to that problem, here are some facts and example of exercise for arms!


The most common muscle groups when it comes to exercise for arms is the biceps brachii and triceps brachii. The biceps has two muscles and the triceps, as you can hear on the name, involves three muscles.

The biceps  is in the front of the arm and the triceps  is located in the back of the arm. You use the biceps when you are rotating your arm or lifting something and you are using your triceps to flex your arm and for an example push something or someone.

You can also exercise the muscles in your forearm and wrists. 


Many women believes that if they start working out, especially with weights, their arms will be huge and look masculine. There is no need to worry about that! To build muscles take a lot of time and effort for that big of a result. If you want to tone your arms or get some muscles - start doing some exercise for arms!


Curls with dumbbells
Curls are a common way to do exercise for arms. Do this exercise with a pair of dumbbells, keep your elbows to your side and raise one hand to your shoulder, with the palm facing the shoulder.

Remember to keep the elbow stuck to your side! Lower again and repeat with the other arm. Don't forget to take heavier dumbbells when you have been working out for a while, that will be effective when you are doing exercises for arms and want a result. 

The pullups can be a real challenge, but is a very good exercise for arms. Look for a bar in the gym, grasp it and pull up your body until the chin is above the bar. Lower again, and repeat.

In the beginning you might need someone to help you or assist yourself by placing your foot somewhere and give yourself a push. 

Push-ups is exercising your chest but also your biceps. Stand on your knees or toes, have both hands with palms on the floor in line with your shoulders, go down, keep a straight back and almost touch the ground with your nose and then - push up!

If you do it on knees, remember to challenge yourself and try on your toes sometimes.


This is a common and effective way to exercise your triceps, if you are home you can use the end of a stable chair. Place the hands on the edge, with your fingers so they can grab the edge. Put your legs on the ground, keep them straight.

Keep the rest of the body except the hands off the chair, go down so you have your arms in 90 degree angle and push up again, remember to use your arms and not your bottom when you push. 

To exercise your triceps you can do a more narrow push-up, have your hands under your chest and straight down from your shoulders. Go down like a regular push-up and then push yourself up again. This can be hard in the beginning, but do as many as you can. You can do this one on toes or knees.


It´s easy to forget the wrists and forearms, but they are also important to keep in shape!

You can exercise the wrist by doing wrist curls with a bar or dumbbell. Use a bench or something to support your arm.

To exercise your forearm you can do a reverse dumbbell curl, let the palm face the floor, keep your elbows to your body and raise the hand to your shoulder. Then you exercise both biceps and forearm, two exercises for arms in one!